Wednesday AM Arktoons

ALT★HERO Episode 10: To Read a Man’s Soul

DEUS VULT Episode 10: Feast Upon Their Flesh!

Arktoons subscribers will be pleased to learn that we are going to be introducing a third weekly four-panel comic soon, as the great economist Steve Keen has agreed to partner with me in authoring RICARDO RETARDO, a comic that will be both funny and massively informative. We also have several new series coming from Brazil and Poland, and Ben Garrison is going to begin running his editorial cartoons twice a week.

We also plan to offer a limited number of gold-stamped leather editions of MIDNIGHT’S WAR omnibuses in the upcoming crowdfunding campaign. They will be printed in black-and-white rather than color to make them even more distinct and exclusive.

Before anyone asks about ALT★HERO:Q, we are waiting for Helix Haze to finish up his commitments to another comics publisher so that he can illustrate issues 5 and 6. After trying several alternate illustrators, I made the call to wait for him rather than introduce a new art style. In the meantime, please enjoy it on Arktoons while you wait for us to finish the print editions.

Speaking of crowdfunding, it may interest you to know that SOULSIGHT, who is introduced in today’s episode of ALT★HERO, was the creation of one of the primary backers, as is RYU NO SEISHIN.

And finally, MIDNIGHT’S WAR defeated HYPERGAMOUSE and A THRONE OF BONES defeated SWAN KNIGHT’S SAGA, so you can now vote to determine the champion of ARK MADNESS.