A Balkan perspective

A survivor of the collapse of Yugoslavia offers a rather disturbing perspective of the current situation in the USA to Americans and Canadians.

Yugoslavia was a multi-ethnic country with worldwide influence and huge military might. It had a huge security apparatus and kept everyone in check by socialist/federal spending. As someone who experienced the collapse of Yugoslavia let me tell you Americans a couple of things.

  1. There are no white hats.
  2. Your country is collapsing because there is not enough money to keep the system working.
  3. Nobody has a plan, good or evil. Nobody is in control.
  4. All foreign powers are helping accelerate the collapse.
  5. Your country will be robbed before, during and after the war.
  6. The robbing starts with hyperinflation.
  7. There will be international “peacekeepers” on your territory.
  8. Do not try to change the internal state borders, it does not work.
  9. Ethnic cleansing actually works.

Personal advice:

  1. When the war starts, for a whole year, people will be in denial there is war going on. Some people will not believe it is war until they get personally shot.
  2. Never EVER surrender to enemy forces, even if they have your whole family hostage. You will simply be tortured to death with them.
  3. If you end up in concentration camp, the most important thing is to preserve your mind, not your body. There is no use for your body to escape if your mind stays inside forever.
  4. There will be no low-intensity conflict. Tanks and artillery will be used for a year, and people will still not believe it is war.
  5. Lots of people will surrender themselves and their family to the enemy, thinking they will be spared because they are non-combatants. MPAI is true even in war.
What rings alarmingly true about this is the reaction I’ve already seen in Minnesota to extreme public disturbances. As long as the violence, riots, and arson are happening at least ONE BLOCK away, then the human mind is entirely capable of dismissing it as something happening somewhere else to other people, and therefore of no genuine concern.