Rhetorical contortions

Boomers are so desperate to avoid being held accountable for their actions that some of them are actually trying to “warn” Generation X about “establishing a norm” that they themselves established before Generation X was even born.

Gen X will not be called boomers, but following generations will continue vilifying the older generation for the worlds imperfections as you are establishing a norm. its like the SJW crowd, they never think the mob will come for them.

And at heart, that’s what you anti boomers are. Social justice warriors.

Hosea 8:7 For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind

Talk about projection. This is why it is impossible to have any respect or sympathy for Boomers. This is why they will always be contemptible. They are unrepentant to the end, like children desperate to avoid being held responsible for the actions that everyone knows they committed, always attempting to blame others for their own choices.

Now, what generation was it that coined popularized the phrase “never trust anyone over 30”, Boomer? Was it the Millennials? Was it the Silents? Was it Generation X?

No, it was the Boomers. (Yes, the guy who actually coined the phrase in 1964 was born in 1940, but it was the Boomers who made a motto of it. In like manner, John Lennon wasn’t a Boomer either, but The Beatles are Boomer music nonetheless.)

And what is the Third Law of SJW? SJWs always project.

What the Boomer is doing here is projecting the social justice tendencies of his own generation onto Generation X, while simultaneously trying to blame Generation X for establishing a norm that was already established by the Boomers. That level of rhetorical contortion is impressively twisted, but because rhetoric requires at least some element of truth to be effective, it is completely toothless.

In any event, it’s not a mob coming for you, Boomer. It’s a pillow, which is a fate far more gentle than your generation collectively deserves.

4/5 Pillows.

Ask not for whom the pillow fluffs,

Boomer, it fluffs for thee.