This is what Boomers consider “an EPIC response”

The Boomer begins, of course, by talking about himself

Full disclosure:  I’m a ‘Baby Boomer.’  Born in 1955. Some basic facts on me: [REDACTED because who cares?]

Then he poses three rhetorical questions, which suffice to prove that he doesn’t understand what a “rhetorical question” is.

Now, all you boomer bashers, I have a few rhetorical questions for you (and if you choose to comment, reasoned, rational dialogue welcome, however, you go vitriolic or ad hominem, your comment won’t see the light of day AND you’ll be banned):  

  1. What exactly do you have against what I’ve described that MILLIONS of Americans of my generation did?  
  2. What exactly have YOU done that’s so much better?  
  3. What problems have YOU solved?

1. MILLIONS of US Boomers bought into the civic nationalist lies. This was understandable, as they were convincing and pervasive. What is not so easy to understand, and what is impossible to forgive, is that they STILL buy into those lies and they actively oppose everyone who a) knows what “posterity” means, b) understands the distinction between “nation” and “state”, and c) makes any attempt to salvage as much of the USA and historical American culture for the actual American posterity as possible. Boomers like this simply don’t understand that they are still cheering on, and “getting goose flesh” over an insidious lie that is the primary vehicle for the destruction of the American nation as well as the US state. This is just one example of the continued devotion of the Boomers to the ugly, the wicked, and the lie, but it specifically addresses what he described. It’s very far from the only, or the primary, charge being brought by the historical prosecution.

2. Seen through the lies. Told the truth. Stayed married. Didn’t murder children. Paid attention to our kids. Most importantly, did not call good evil, and did not call evil good.

3. The intellectual sacrifice of thousands of children to the public schools. Alternative tech options. Disabled the primary atheist rhetorical weapon. Comprehensively disproved both the theories of free trade and evolution by natural selection.

PS:  When you finally have the balls to act out your ‘Day of the Pillow’ fantasy, you MIGHT just find that I have a .45ACP under mine….and you’ll feel it…for a second, as the barrel presses against your forehead.  Just sayin’….

First of all, the Boomer will be too drugged and demented to remember his own name, let alone the fact that he once owned a pistol. Second, there is no way he would ever shoot Nnamdi or Ogunna or Amparo even if one of them were holding a pillow over his face. Because that would be racist, and if there is one thing we know about the Boomers, it is that they would much rather die than do anything that would run even the smallest risk of being called THAT. 

0/5 Pillows.

Ask not for whom the pillow fluffs,

Boomer, it fluffs for thee.