Mailvox: It’s ALWAYS about the Boomer

Boomers really have an incredible inability to not try to make everything – literally everything – about themselves:

How many “conservative” individuals and outlets that have complained about the entertainment industry have so much as mentioned Arktoons?

Perhaps grandparents have looked in people associated with arktoons and the whole “day of the pillow’ bothers them. Could be why some of them are not looking to arktoons as an option. I mean really, when both options want you to die…..

It could be, but it obviously isn’t. That explanation is both self-serving and utterly implausible, considering that every single alternative site and system suffers from the same lack of conservative interest in utilizing alternatives to the Big Tech sites they are constantly crying about.

But it is a fascinating example of the Boomer’s well-honed ability to find any possible angle to insert his g-g-generation into the c-c-conversation.

And to the contrary, I expect that Day of the Pillow is not only going to be the most popular comic on Arktoons, but the first one to break out into mainstream social media and a primary driver of subscription growth.