I’m not saying he got the vaxx

 But I’ve seen hundreds of soccer matches, and I’ve never seen any player, at any level, simply face-plant like the Danish player in the Denmark-Finland match today:

Denmark midfielder Christian Eriksen, who collapsed during the first half of the game against Finland in the Euro 2020 on Saturday, is stable in the hospital.

Danish FA confirmed Eriksen was “awake” and is being further examined at Rigshospitalet, a hospital in Copenhagen.

Around the 43rd minute, Eriksen had played a short pass when he fell face-forward onto the ground and was unconscious.

Spectators inside the stadium in Copenhagen went silent as players from both Denmark and Finland stood around Eriksen as CPR was administered. Eriksen received chest compressions for about 10 minutes after his collapse on the field.

Obviously, everyone hopes the young man is all right. And perhaps it was just an unfortunate coincidence. But let’s just say it would not be a massive surprise to learn he had been vaccinated. 

UPDATE: If it was the vaxx, this could have some very serious long-term implications for Serie A and other sports in Italy:

Dr Scott Murray, a leading NHS consultant cardiologist specialising in prevention of heart problems, claims Italy pride themselves on their record of preventing cardiac arrests in football – so the Danish player’s problems will likely spell the end of his time in Serie A.

He told the MailOnline: ‘It probably is (the end of his career) for him. The Italians stop people participating in sport if they are found to have a significant cardiac abnormality, it’s in law.

‘They’ve been doing that for a long time, beyond 20 years and they’ve reduced the death rates from cardiac arrests in sport from beyond 3 per cent down to below one per cent.’