Toobin back on TV

It’s clear that the media executives believe that if there is one thing the US public simply cannot do without, it is advice from Jews who can’t keep their fat little hands off their own genitals:

Eight months after showing his family jewels to his work family, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin returned to television today. For those who don’t remember, or choose to forget, last fall Toobin exposed himself to co-workers from New Yorker magazine while on a Zoom call.
October’s Zoom incident reportedly took place while the 2020 presidential election was being discussed amongst his New Yorker colleagues. Toobin wasn’t alone in his excitement for the election. Approximately 160 million Americans voted, though they expressed their excitement in more prudish ways.
At the time, Toobin had been working for both New Yorker magazine and CNN where he regularly appeared as a legal analyst. Following the unprompted and unwanted October peep show, New Yorker magazine fired the 61-year-old and CNN suspended him until Thursday.

What. The. Actual….

It’s rather fascinating to contemplate the bizarre reality in which these CNN executives are dwelling. Who, exactly, has even the slightest desire to hear one single thing from Jeffrey “Dude, Turn OFF Your Webcam” Toobin? What do they plan to follow this up with, a dating show hosted by Ghislaine Maxwell as soon as she finishes serving her time for sex trafficking underage girls?

Here’s a concept: if you don’t want the rest of the world to despise your people as a filthy collection of perverted freaks, you may wish to consider the option of not constantly pushing filthy, perverted freaks on everyone.

On the equal opportunity side, it’s now clear why Philip Roth handpicked Blake Bailey to write his biography. There is no question that Bailey was truly able to get inside of Roth’s head.

A celebrated biographer mired in an ongoing sex scandal has now been accused of sexually harassing four other women while working at a university.  

Blake Bailey, 57, was accused of pestering a colleague, two students, and a visiting author while working at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, around a decade ago.

Bailey – handpicked by the late acclaimed novelist Philip Roth to write a biography that has been critically lauded – allegedly groped colleague Bridget Anderson’s crotch while naked in a hot tub with her during an April 2010 writers retreat for college staff.