When advertising fails

Apparently the relentless television ads in Britain have failed to win over the non-attention whore part of the population:

WHEN 21-year-old Madison Sarah uploaded a new lifestyle vlog to YouTube from her bedroom in Manchester, she was hoping for comments about how pretty she looked.

Instead she was branded “a disgusting f**king w***e” and threatened.

Her crime? Dating musician boyfriend Paddy, who is black.

And she’s not the only British woman to face such vile trolling.

In fact a Sun Online investigation has found an alarming rise in racist abuse, aimed at relationships between white women and black men.

These disgusting trolls have dubbed themselves the coal patrol because they are trying to stamp out “coal burners” – their name for white women who date black men.

This is just one example of the price of buying into the media lies. These young women think they’ll be praised and rewarded for their behavior, and instead find themselves being criticized and rejected, because the media presents a very false image of public opinion. And that’s before the real toll of coal-burning is exacted.

It’s telling that none of the women’s groups that are supposedly so concerned about domestic violence ever address the fact that a coal-burner is far more likely to be beaten or murdered by her boyfriend than the average white woman or the average black woman. She’s also more likely to be abandoned if she has a mixed-race child than a black woman with a black child is, despite the high percentage of black single mothers. So, it’s not just conservatives, even women’s groups would rather permit young women to be beaten to death than be accused of racism.

Ironically, it’s only the “disgusting trolls” who are doing anything to prevent these stupid young women from blindly putting themselves into danger.

Despite obsessive media focus on blacks, in the USA more than twice as many mixed-race children are being born to White/Asian combinations than White/Black combinations. Which just goes to show, the primary purpose of the media is to misinform. Global populations being what they are, the US is more likely to become West China than North Africa, which may account for the Asian exclusion laws that preceded the nation’s demographic suicide-by-Congress in 1965.