Mailvox: You just don’t get it

Don’t you see? Don’t you get it? Matt and Benny totally OWNED THE LIBS!

The number of people reacting here who think they were giving money to the enemy to help the enemy’s grandmother is ridiculous.
No one who saw the stunt unfold would think that. It was a slight against AOC and the fact that she hadn’t helped her own grandmother. It also highlighted how regular Americans could solve a problem without government intervention.
In addition to this, no money was given to AOC’s family.
Anyone who followed the stunt realized AOC was never going to accept the funds. It was a stunt to make AOC look bad, and it was more effective by far than anything most of us have done.

At this point, I no longer feel any sympathy for all the idiots who read and support The Daily Wire. They’re simply too stupid to be able to distinguish between predator and prey.

The point, morons, is that no one on the planet, beginning with AOC, gives a quantum of a damn whether AOC helps her grandmother or not. Boomers don’t even help their own children or grandchildren, Generation X is gleefully awaiting The Day of the Pillow, the Millennials are bitter that neither their parents nor their grandparents will help them with their young children, and the Zoomers are either a) trying to figure out if they are a boy or a girl or one of the other 55 genders or b) gearing up to out-genocide Bill Gates.

What I saw, what everyone saw, is that Conservative Inc.’s talking heads are far more interested in trying to score points against liberals than help those who are supposedly on their own side. Not only was it not effective in the least, it was just another example of how offensively useless these would-be opinion leaders are.

UPDATE: This limerick from SocialGalactic is apt.

The GE campaigned with euphoria

Yet losing turned hope to dysphoria

The swamp thralls the sheep

But dug down too deep

And awoke the Gen Z under Moria