Mailvox: in defense of despair

A Boomer writes to explain why it’s better not to hope, and why the right thing to do is to sit around waiting for others to get the job done before you get involved:

Except politics isn’t a soccer game where organized players supported by infrastructure and committed to achieving a goal can be expected to take the initiative in those fleeting moments that could make a difference. Real politics is low intensity warfare where people lose family, careers, freedom, health and life. 

The blightwing and its dissident fringe is comprised of impoverished/cheap, unorganized, indolent cowards “led” by grifters. They look for someone else to do the heavy lifting as they observe from afar, doing handsprings in skirts, chanting silly cheers. It has been that way for 57+ years.

When I see the blightwing organized locally, regionally, and nationally, destroying the enemy, taking casualties and caring for their own, taking the initiative, always working and raising the ante – then and only then will I resume active participation on the ground, where it counts.

Of course by then, no one who has been active locally, regionally, and nationally will have any use for his useless, oversized Boomer butt. 

I’m not saying anyone should vote harder, or place any trust in Con Inc. or in the Republican Party. I’m also not saying that anyone should blithely proceed in the blind confidence that Donald Trump is flawlessly executing Q’s 12-D underwater chess strategy. 

But only the weak of mind and character fear to hope, and prefer indolence and despair to inspiration and determination.