The imaginary Mr. X

I tend to doubt this purported “Mr. X” actually exists. He reads more like a literary device than an actual person of import. That being said, literally everything that is reported to have come out of his mouth on economics and money appears to be much more accurate than not, from my perspective:

“You have to understand that Obama, Trump or Biden report to the same ‘number one,’ and they have no say on any important issue.

“Number one” was formerly OSS (Office of Strategic Services) with William J. Casey under Wild Bill Donovan (creator of OSS) and later CIA.  He married a super-rich lady and ran a prosperous industry.  Number one said that they were not going to stop the currency rigging that was destroying our industries as we were number one in the world and could afford it.  And Wall Street wanted to make money out of it who were rigging the markets through cash settlement to this day.  Number one also controls the Congress and the Supreme Court and I am quite familiar on how these leading wonders were groomed.  They essentially are picked because they can be controlled by past corruption and they have the goods on them.

“The CIA doctored the boarding tapes of Islamic people boarding planes in Boston and blamed 9-11 on a failed former CIA asset named Osama bin Laden who had nothing to do with it and then decided to detonate Building Number 7 since the necessary misdirection was supplied by the doctored boarding tapes. Then there was reason to send the army to Afghanistan, bin Laden’s lair, to take over the heroin/poppy trade there.  Trump wanted out of Afghanistan and that was why the Deep State had to engineer an election against him.  Trump had tapes showing this ruse and could have released them, to win the election.  For unexplained reasons, the tapes weren’t disclosed publicly.”

Balance of trade

“I had recommended to Donald how to cure the trade deficit in one step.  That step mean we would counter-rig the currencies who had trade surpluses with us as our allies had rigged their currencies against us by depreciating them.  We would buy the currencies of all trade surplus countries with the US raising their value so our nation would not buy their products to end the trade deficit and create a surplus to pay off 14 trillion of our net-deficit- position in the world.”

“You do not need tariffs to stop the trade deficit you just realign the currencies.  We just counter-rig by buying their currencies.  I guarantee you it will work, for if necessary, we would put the Euro to 3 dollars per euro.  We would buy nothing.  And that would end NATO.  Fine.”


“When the Bitcoin people came to me for my support for their coins, I said if you make them redeemable in gold, and you continue with an unchangeable finite amount of gold backing each coin, and that gold is in a secure place, then you will replace the world currencies if US military allows you to do so.  Otherwise, I have no interest in your phony currency.”

China vs. USA

“China is a unified country.  Everyone is Chinese.  The United States is a Balkanized country where everyone is at each-others’ throats.  We saw that when hundreds of cities burned last summer but the roots were quite apparent without such a demonstration if we look at the demographic characteristics of the historical rising crime waves that are out of control in the US.   The black male rape attacks on white women are so bad that Obama had the series stopped.”

“We need not run the gamut of comparisons with China as the proportions are about the same in all product lines.  Our analysis is that the GDP of China is about double that of the US in real terms.  China is the greatest industrial power in the world dwarfing the EU and the United States.  China has returned to its original status of world leader in 1400 AD.  … Today we calculate the Chinese GDP at about 40 trillion dollars a year.   Their steel production is above a trillion tons a year against ours which is less than 100 billion.  Their motor vehicle production is 27 million cars a year and ours 11 million a year in 2017.   And I could go on and on.”

We know the GDP is fake. I proved that beyond any shadow of a possible doubt back in 2009, in the No One Knows Anything chapter of The Return of the Great Depression, when I showed that the margin of publicly reported errors is consistently greater than the difference between economic growth and economic contraction.

Now, consider the possibility that the real economy of China is twice the size of the US economy. This might go a very long way to explaining the strange geopolitical developments of the last two years, as well as why the USA and the rest of the West is obviously backing away from their decades-old promises to Hong Kong and Taiwan.