Mailvox: volun-told to vaxx

A US military officer stationed in Europe explains how the vaxx is being imposed on U.S. soldiers serving abroad:

Longtime reader here, first time email to you. Wanted to give you additional background on the military side of the vaccine issue, at least as it’s applying to service members in Europe and some folks stateside. 

For the last couple of months or so, leadership has been giving heavy encouragement, basically pushing the vaccine on everybody. It’s interesting to watch, because the DOD has structures in place for all service members to get vaccinated routinely, via MEDPROS. Meaning, we get yearly flu shots, we’ve gotten anthrax, smallpox, tetanus, etc. All vaccines listen under MEDPROS are mandatory and required, no getting around them. They’re all also thoroughly FDA approved, so the government can require them of employees or service members. Not so with the Covid vaccine, of course. That is voluntary, but for many folks it’s akin to being “volun-told”. 

I hear from many soldiers, and a number of friends and coworkers, all manner of stories about it. Most of us have been pressured about receiving the shots. We know that at some point, FDA approval will be pushed through, and they will be mandated. Many of us are resigned to waiting for that day. The carrot and the stick on this are getting progressively more visible and annoying. Those fully vaxxed can stop wearing masks. They can freely travel, all by showing their shot card. They don’t have to worry about social distancing anymore. Our battalion and our brigade have been far gentler about things than other commands have been.

I have heard horror stories from others; these are second/third hand sources that I trust. Folks in DC were told that if they didn’t get vaccinated they’d be considered traitors, and they needed to be on “the right side of history.” I can attest to witnessing and being in formations where we were given a brief lecture on opting out of the vaccine. The Army has lists of those who have opted in, and opted out. I have been told many senior leaders at high levels haven’t taken it yet. I have heard from others that O5/COL level leaders, and E9/CSM level leaders, have been leveling pressure on enlisted soldiers down to the E1-E4 level although typically this doesn’t happen. It’s an all-in effort to get to herd immunity, but somehow I don’t trust the inflated numbers. Even the folks who don’t want to get the shots see less and less choice; the peer pressure it outstanding and intense.

Knowing all the risks of getting the shots, I’m still weighing on when to get them, seeing as I won’t have a choice as long as I wear the uniform… Most I’ve spoken to on this matter acknowledge the bitter irony that we’re watching to classes of people being legally formed: the vaxxed, and the non-vaxxzd. The vaxxed will have substantial privileges and benefits; the non-vaxxed who’ve done nothing wrong legally, will be punished and penalized.

We’ll see how long this social pressure lasts as it becomes ever more clear that the vaxx is a death-mark akin to painting a genetic target on your chest for a foreign bioweapon. Between this, the tranny initiative, and the feminization of the US military, it increasingly appears that an external force has penetrated the US military and is in the process of rendering unable to fight.

Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing on the macro level is a legitimate question. But it is absolutely and unquestionably very bad for those who are in the service. At this rate, one could almost imagine that the step after requiring the vaxx will be mandating gender transition.