Wednesday AM Arktoons

DEUS VULT Episode 06: A Sign from Heaven

THE HAMMER OF FREEDOM Episode 07: The Urban Myth
DEUS VULT is particularly good today. 
This episode of HoF is on the short side as we’re making sure we don’t run out of panels before the next batch of pages is translated into English and formatted for Arktoons. On the plus side, however, our adoption of short episodes for some series has led us into a fortuitous new development that I am entirely confident is going to be extremely popular and which none of the other digital comics sites are utilizing.
The first new series will be launched on Friday. I’ve also completed the initial script for a new short episode series called ROGUE DEMON HUNTER that can be best be described as Supernatural meets Midnight’s War, and features a certain someone the oldtimers here will recall. We’ve already got the illustrator lined up for it, so I’m confident we’ll be able to introduce it before the end of July.