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SEASONS Episode 5: Burning

CHUCK DIXON PRESENTS: COMEDY Episode 5: Bumped Heads & Plot Twists

Holy cats, but speaking of “plot twists”, Seasons took a major one that I was not expecting. I mean, it’s such a twist that we may have put it in the wrong category altogether.

In other news, thanks to the staunch support of the subscribers – over 1,600 of whom renewed after the first month, which I take as a very strong endorsement of the new site from them – combined with our incorporation of short episodes to mix in amongst the longer ones, we are actively in the process of adding SEVEN new original series to Arktoons. 

Not all of them will be ready to launch in June, but at least three and probably four of them will be. We’re also going to provide some options and permit the subscribers to vote on what series they want to see, including what the next Alt★Hero spinoff should be. Do you want more Hammer, more Rebel, or more Dynamique? Or would you prefer to see us explore one of the minor characters, or even create a brand new one? Or perhaps you’d like to see more of the USMC’s secret superhero team in operation. Regardless of what the subscribers collectively decide, we’ve already got the illustrators and the colorists lined up and ready to be assigned to each of the new series.

Please note that these seven “new” series do NOT include the three series coming to Arktoons from Mike Baron, Steve Keen, and from the Dixon/Fosco team. The reason for the scare quotes around “new” is that one of seven will actually be a continuation of Chicago Typewriter, as the supernatural comic about 1920s occult Chicago by Brandon Fiadino has been well received and a number of us on the production team wanted more of what is a rather unique story.

We also hope to start permitting independent creators to post content directly on Arktoons in June, once a few of the necessary features and editorial safeguards have been put into place. It’s only going to improve and get better from here.