Woke for thee, but not for me

After all of its incessant preaching and thought policing about diversity and equality, Google finds itself facing a class action lawsuit for discriminating against women:

A California state judge has ruled that several women, who are accusing Google of violating gender equity laws by underpaying female employees, can do so on behalf of 10,800 alleged victims of the practice. The Thursday ruling by the San Francisco Superior Court Judge Andrew Cheng, certifying a class-action status to the 2017 gender pay gap suit, was celebrated as a major victory by the plaintiffs. “This is HUGE,” Kelly Ellis, one of the women behind Ellis et al v. Google Inc. tweeted.
A lawyer representing the plaintiffs said the decision “shows that it is critical that companies prioritize paying women equitably over spending money fighting them in litigation.” The trial of the case may start as soon as 2022, the lawyer, Kelly Dermody, told Bloomberg.
The lawsuit filed on behalf of all female workers of the tech giant alleges that the Silicon Valley behemoth violated California’s Equal Pay Act by systematically giving preferential treatment to males working in similar positions. The tech giant paid women less than males for doing similar jobs and promoted fewer women at a slower pace, compared to men of a similar qualification, the claims said.

As with the champions of “free speech”, the corpocracy never practices what it preaches.