Mailvox: Vaxxmania in the military

As if the US military wasn’t facing enough challenges, now the generals want to kill off the soldiers before they even enter the battlespace with genetic mutations:

The Pfizer model is the one they want us to take. It’s what’s available at the on-station clinics which means personnel would have to go out of their way and risk personal expense to get any others.

The pressure to take the vax mostly emanates from the officers. I’ve noticed a contrast with Officers trusting this thing like it’s come down from God while NCO’s are far more skeptical. Regular soldiers even more so with the distrust. From my officer’s perspective, what they hit us in particular with is nonsense about setting the example. Rather a bastard misuse of telling junior officers to set the example. About being “the first off the helicopter” in Vietnam or “the first off the boat” at Normandy. Do I need to go at length about how absurd this is?

I read this as a worldview that’s exhausted. They’re referencing their sacred motifs and deeds to pressure people into taking a rushed production gene therapy whose long term health effects are conjecture. And that italicized portion of the text doesn’t even fully capture the awful picture of the Pfizer serum, as you and your regulars know I am sure.

Then of course there’s the hard incentives. Want to take your mask off in office meetings? Gotta take the vax. Want to avoid ‘quarantine’ when you arrive overseas (which just happens to be done at the same place they house prisoners)? Take the vax. I know people who appear intelligent who took it on that first basis of just wanting to not wear a mask. 

Next up is attitude. Don’t want to take the vax? The officers on board with this will let you know they think you’re not a team player and probably a tinfoil hatter. Right; me and the others who refuse to be tested-on are nuts. This is their perspective: Guarding the CIA’s poppy fields in Afghanistan for a whole year of one’s life is perfectly normal and a checked box on your resume, but refusing literal poison is suspicious silliness. I anticipate as the vax-refusal situation progresses the retribution will get serious. It’s only a question of severity.

All the pro-vax people I’ve spoken to about it think it’s a regular old vaccine and don’t understand why anyone would be skeptical of it. They think Corona Chan is a horseman of the apocalypse and if they get it then they will die. Barring that, they think it will kill old people and mutants with immune disorders if everybody doesn’t let a corporation with a criminal record play God with their genes. That last part is of course is out of my head, not theirs, as they don’t even know it will mess with their genetics. Which reminds me; who or whatever is producing propaganda directed at us is knowingly lying. One “TAKE THE VAX” pamphlet I glanced over had a bullet point to the effect that “some people think the Covid-19 vaccine will change their DNA.” Which is of course higher level attempt to deceive the reader, because while it’s true the serum won’t tamper with DNA, nobody ever alleged it does. It screws with your mRNA.

Fortunately, mRNA is just junk DNA that doesn’t serve any purpose, right? Trust the science. It’s totally settled.