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EMBER WAR Episode 4: Twenty-Eight Percent

CHUCK DIXON’S AVALON Episode 4: When You Get to Hell

Now that Arktooons has been in operation for nearly one month, we’ve learned a lot, and we’re ready to start applying some of those lessons. One is that more is not always more when it comes to episode lengths. It turns out that some of our more popular series, such as Hypergamouse and Ben Garrison, run short, and a surprisingly high percentage of the most popular series on Webtoons and Tapas run between 2 and 8 panels. 

Apparently, as with Twitter, there is a case to be made that less can sometimes be more. As far as I can tell, it appears to be that if readers really love a series, the longer the better, but if they merely like it, they actually prefer a shorter episode that allows them to take in the whole story without losing interest in it.

So, what we’ve decided to do is introduce some of the new content that we’re going to be launching in June in shorter episodes. The upside is that since the shorter episodes cost less per episode, we’re going to be introducing more new original series than we had planned, including a possible spinoff or two. This approach will not only permit us to produce brand new content from high-calibre illustrators who don’t have the time to commit to full books, but will also allow us to maximize the resources the subscribers are providing.

My question for Arktoons subscribers is this: there are a number of series that will remain in the long episode format, such as Alt-Hero, A Throne of Bones, Midnight’s War, Swan Knight’s Saga, and Quantum Mortis, among others. Would you prefer them to continue appearing as one long episode each week, or would you prefer to see them divided into three shorter episodes each week?

A death squad hunts down The Awakener