Thomas Wictor remains confident

I am too, although for different reasons.

People will tell you that nothing can be done about the 2020 election.

Why do they say that?

Because they haven’t thought it through.

Trump knew LONG beforehand that the election would be stolen.

Why didn’t he stop it?

Because it was in his interest to let it happen.

It was a trap.

For ALL of his enemies, foreign and domestic.

Clearly Trump’s enemies know this.

Yesterday, there were people AGAIN telling us that he was going to prison.

No evidence of this offered.

And we have hysteria and chaos among Trump’s enemies.

Where’s the hubris of Obama? Remember his cockiness after he won?

Biden and Co. and almost sheepish. Everyone’s hardly bothering.

But the press is suddenly hysterical.

Tons of stuff is being revealed, and the Democrats are being sabotaged on every front.

The Trump and Pence families have virtually disappeared. They can travel when and where they want undetected.

Electronic warfare aircraft and spy planes are in constant use.

Biden has zero influence at home or abroad, except at the border.

And THAT is a massive blunder. 

Trump is saying in plain language that HE will do something before 2022.

He means legally and constitutionally.


Precedent means nothing to Trump.

Neither does difficulty.

One of the great mistakes people make is believing that something can’t happen if THEY THEMSELVES didn’t think of it.

Trump uses that to his advantage.

Trump does things in a way that makes it impossible for him to not get coverage by the mainstream media.

Therefore he’s got something HUGE planned.

He told us before he “left office” that our story was just beginning.

Then he began acting in ways that no other former president has.

I hope that he is right about Trump still being in control. I don’t know about that, as I don’t see any actual evidence of it at the moment. Nor does the 12D Chess theory align particularly well with what we saw in action during the first Trump term. What I do see, however, is plenty of evidence that Biden is not in control, Harris is not in control, and all of the foreign leaders know that the fake administration is not calling any shots.

It’s pretty obvious that the USA is presently under some form of interregnum, although whether it is legal or not from a Constitutional perspective, I have no idea. Nor am I convinced that it is the US military, in the form of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who are calling the shots. I simply don’t know. And that’s fine; it’s not as if the average farmer on the Italian Peninsula had any idea who was making decisions in Rome while Caesar and the Senate were at war either.

Just remember, the one thing we absolutely know to be false is what the mainstream media declares to be true, which is in this case is that Joe Biden is the duly elected President of the United States. He obviously wasn’t elected and he clearly isn’t presiding.

But I’m certainly curious to see what comes next.