At least no one can call her racist

In which a black woman demonstrates her dissatisfaction with the current advertising narrative:

Police in Georgia are hunting for a woman who dished out a brutal beatdown on a mother — right in front of her infant daughter.

Sickening witness video captured in a Little Caesars restaurant on Monday shows the suspect holding the woman on the floor by the hair with one fist, while repeatedly punching her in the head with the other.

Most distressingly of all the victim’s infant daughter rushes into the fracas trying to protect her mother, but a bystander pulls her out of the way just in time, while the filmer shouts “Move the baby! Move the baby!”

No such help comes for the victim though; despite her screams of terror, everyone in the store stands around either watching or filming. One man even holds the door open for them as the assailant drags the mother by her hair into the street.

She continues to throw her around by her hair, stamping her head into the concrete, before finally walking away, leaving her a bloody mess on the ground.

It would be both informative and salutory if every anti-racist white individual who “doesn’t see color” were to go through a similar educational experience. Two observations:

  1. The white woman is a mudshark. Note the appearance of her infant daughter.
  2. There are multiple black men literally standing there filming the beating of this paragon of anti-racism. Not only do they not intervene, they look downright amused as the sister is beating the hell out of the stupid white girl.
Eventually, it is going to dawn upon the smug anti-racists of the world that the objects of their equalitarian genuflections actually despise them most of all.