Every. Single. Time.

Lest you doubt the accuracy, utility, and even necessity of the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy, consider this exchange with a would-be commenter here. And yes, he’s banned for Gamma.

I posted a comment to your topic “When Caesar fails to cross the Rubicon” but you or one of your admins declined posting it. I’m curious why. This is your gated community, so whatever you allow is at your discretion, but at the same time, you allow your readers to comment and you foster respectful discussion. I thought my comment fell within that boundary. I didn’t consider it trolling, but apparently you think it was.

May I have some clarification on why it wasn’t allowed to be part of the discussion? I thought my point would stand on its own, and if your users disagreed, they would let me know. 

At this point, I don’t know who he is or what his comment was, but I already know that he’s a dishonest Smart Boy who is looking to explain why his Very Important Comment should not have been deleted. I responded, though whether it was more out of curiosity or cruelty, I cannot say. Regardless, there are no less than FIVE Gamma tells in his first two paragraphs alone.

A number of comments were deleted today. Most of them were due to references to me or attempts to speak for me in some way. Comments that attempt to somehow make me a topic are always deleted. Not saying you did that, but I noticed a number of “glad you’re finally seeing it my way” comments today getting nuked, so perhaps that’s why. 

I saved a copy of the comment. I always compose and edit offline because I hate seeing typos after I post. My comment addressed you only because your post began with the words ” I don’t know why President Trump failed to publicly uphold the law and the Constitution when he was confronted with massive election fraud.” I addressed it to you, but it wasn’t about you.

For reference, here is the comment, as follows.

– – – – – –

“I don’t know why President Trump failed to publicly uphold the law and the Constitution when he was confronted with massive election fraud.”

Really? You don’t? Donald Trump is and always was a willing character in political theater. He had a script and he followed it. Whether you call it The Powers That Be or The Deep State, whoever and whatever controls events in this country selected Donald Trump to be president, and he was given his direction.

[Followed by four more irrelevant paragraphs about how he, the Smart Boy, was the only one to truly understand Donald Trump.]

There it is. The Gamma always has to make everything about you and him. It’s ALWAYS personal, no matter how little the subject has to do with either of you. And he ALWAYS speaks from a position of nonexistent authority that no one granted him, but that he assumes because he is a Smart Boy. Beginning with fake surprise is a reliable Gamma tell, especially when it is followed by an authoritative explanation. Gammas NEED to explain themselves and providing explanations that no one has requested is their favorite activity after navel-gazing.

Yep, that’s why. Right here:  “Really? You don’t?”

We have been cracking down hard on that sort of rhetoric. It adds nothing to the discourse and is little more than Smart Boy posturing, even when it isn’t intended as such. If you want to state your opinion, state your opinion. It’s not a debate or a contest. 

You all know what’s coming next. The inevitable Gamma Wall of Text.

Extraordinary. I said “Really? You don’t?” And there I ended with you as the subject. You objected to “that sort of rhetoric”. The rest of my post wasn’t about you, and it wasn’t a debate. I was defending my position. You were the one who led with “I don’t know why …”.

You failed to separate rhetoric from dialectic, and I assume you reacted this way because the rest of the post was critical of your view of both former President Trump and Q, both of whom, obviously, failed their supporters and the country. I don’t think you object to what I said because of the rhetoric, but because you didn’t like my criticism of both Trump and Q and how they demoralized the right wing, and because of your very public support of both.

I think you’re moving the goal posts. You seem to say that it’s “‘that sort of rhetoric’ when I say it is”, namely when it’s from someone who criticizes you, but not when it’s from a supporter.

You can now exclude me from the latter. I will no longer give you another penny. I made a point of buying, not downloading, your books and comics, but no longer. I’ve been waiting for the next six issues of Alt Hero, Alt Hero Q, and Avalon for quite a long time, but you seem to have a problem with your attention span. At least, that’s what it seems to be, but we don’t know, because you don’t discuss it. I’d be very happy if you’d publish the damn things after nearly two years.

Your “distant master” manner of leadership only goes so far. I regret that I thought you were a man who had real leadership and vision, but I see now that you’re only a small man who has created a hive of weak thinkers who want desperately to be led and will pay good money for validation of their thinking.

Call me a “gamma male” if you wish, I don’t care. Your SSH framework is useful, but the peril of your creating and defining it is that people who study it and then learn more about you personally will realize that you’re much more gamma than you think you let on.

By the way, why the FUCK are you friends with Milo Yiannopoulis? The man is a disgusting creature, a narcissistic sodomite who offends God and Christ, and is always on a cash grab. The fact that you not only publish his books but publicly call him your friend betrays your devotion to God. This is shameful.

It’s all right there: 

  1. The Wall of Text.
  2. The Unrequested Explanation
  3. The Self-Justification.
  4. The Litany of Your Failures.
  5. The Feigned Indifference.
  6. The Flounce.
  7. The Condemnation.
Now you know why I very seldom answer unsolicited emails and why Gammas are banned on sight from commenting as well as from participating in any of the community projects. Fortunately, it’s gotten to the point that the mods, the team leaders, and I can detect the stink of Gamma on even the most superficially innocuous emails. It’s really not hard to understand why women hate them so much and react so violently to them, because this exchange is a textbook example of what happens whenever a Gamma feels he has been rejected for any reason.
And for those who are Gammas, or suspect they have a strain of Gamma running through their psychology, re-read this post and ask yourself this question: do you want to be around a person who behaves like that? And if not, why would you imagine that anyone else does?