Wednesday AM Arktoons

ALT★HERO Episode 4: Hunting the Gods

DEUS VULT Episode 4: A Land of Miracles

Due to the fact that three of our four most popular series run on Wednesday, starting next week, we’re going to move GO MONSTER GO! to Monday in order to give it more exposure.

We also have four new series on deck that will be launching within the next six weeks from Chuck Dixon and Frank Fosco, Chuck Dixon and Vox Day, Mike Baron, and Steve Keen. To support the Arktoons offensive on an ongoing basis, subscribe to it here.

UPDATE: Congratulations to the ALT★HERO team, which was the second series to reach 10,000 views, just ahead of MIDNIGHT’S WAR and A THRONE OF BONES. The reigning #1 series remains THE HAMMER OF FREEDOM, which presently has 23,841 views.