“Dozens of meetings”

Like his very good friend Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Gates also didn’t kill himself:

Jeffrey Epstein suggested Bill Gates should leave his wife Melinda during dozens of meetings at the convicted pedophile’s $77million Manhattan townhouse, according to a person who attended the ‘men’s club’-style get-togethers.

Gates’ visits to Epstein’s ‘lair’ were an escape from his unhappy marriage, and the pair ‘were very close’, a source told The Daily Beast.

The report alleges the pair’s friendship blurred personal and professional lines, and was much closer than Gates had previously admitted. 

A spokeswoman for Gates said he had never talked in a disparaging way about Melinda.

The Daily Beast revealed Gates sought marriage advice Epstein during dozens of meetings between 2011 and 2014, far more than had previously been reported. 

It appears that the history of the personal computer is going to have to be completely rewritten. If, at this point, you don’t realize that Bill Gates is little more than an actor playing the role of “tech billionaire” and “vaccine pusher”, then you’re simply not paying any attention to how the world works.

Remember when Bill Gates only flew on Epstein’s plane once, and he didn’t even know whose plane it was? Yeah, that was the official line as recently as last week.

It’s interesting to see that Gates is clearly being burned. Which tends to lead to the obvious questions: why and by whom?

UPDATE: Jeffrey Epstein is not the only convicted pedophile with whom Bill Gates has been very closely associated. And by “very closely associated” I mean “literally arrested at Gates’s house”. At this rate, it won’t be long before it comes out that Bill Gates’s real name is William Gatestein.