Weekly BIC Roundup

 Bounding Into Comics publishes its weekly Arktoons roundup:

Arkhaven Comics offers a wide variety of the very best in new comics from superheroes to YA to urban fantasy. It publishes gritty, adult adventure, and humor.  But this company goes a step further, Arkhaven also honors the rich history of the American comic book.

Harlen Ellison once said, “…there are five native American art forms that we’ve given to the world: Jazz, of course. Musical comedy as we know it today. The detective story as crafted by Poe. The banjo. And comic books.”  

In today’s Arktoons roundup we’ll look at just a few of the Arktoons celebrating the rich history of that American-created artform, the comic book.

They had some interesting things to say about ATOB, among other things. Anyhow, read the whole thing there. Also, we only have one Saturday PM Arktoon today due to some technical difficulties with Chuck Dixon Presents: Comedy.

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