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Episode 2 of CHICAGO TYPEWRITER: Poe’s Oddities

Episode 2 of SWAN KNIGHT SAGA: Bring Forth Your Tribute

We’re also pleased to note that Bounding Into Comics has launched a weekly Arktoons roundup, featuring a brief analysis of the best comics of the previous week.

Arkhaven’s most popular title is from the Brazilian powerhouse Super Prumo Comics. 

I could start with the word, “stark,” and then work my way down the synonyms in powerthesaurus but I’ll stick with, “stark.”  This book is shockingly stark.  

Life-crushing, starvation-making, soul-rending Communism should have been thrown on the ash heap of the 20th century as an abject failure.  Everyone knows that it has always resulted in poverty, brutal oppression, and deaths in the millions.

Instead, it’s on the rise again. The countries that resisted its call during the twentieth century seem determined to follow this blood-soaked road once again on the grounds that, “Communism is actually fine, it just hasn’t been done right, yet.” One wonders when it’s finally done right, will there be anyone left on Earth at all?

I’m only three issues in on this series by Luciano Cunha and I’m saying it now.  This one might finally be the new Watchmen.

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