An informative choice of words

To be honest, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest to learn Dominic Cummings occasionally reads this blog. He’s by far the smartest man in British politics today. It would be fascinating to see what would happen if Cummings were to team up with Nigel Farage and provide the UK with an actual pro-British party with the sense to encourage Scottish independence.

Mr Cummings offered his own analysis today, accusing Sir Keir of being too focused on the Westminster Bubble.

‘KS is a beta-lawyer-gamma-politician, like ~all in SW1 he obsesses on Media Reality not Actual Reality, he’s played the lobby game (badly) for a year WITHOUT A MESSAGE TO THE COUNTRY, now the pundits will a) savage him, b) tell him he needs to focus on them more, more exclusives,’ he wrote.

‘A measure of how bad KS is: until I googled yesterday I didn’t know who Shadow CHX (Chancellor – Anneliese Dodds) is & when I looked at photo I had 0 recognition, she never touched my consciousness in a year.’

What I find interesting about the Labour Party meltdown in yesterday’s by-election in a longtime Labour stronghold is the fact that the British media hasn’t whispered a word about the fact that Labour has spent most of the last 18 months leading up to the by-election dedicated to rooting out supposed anti-Semites from its leadership. This silence is particularly striking in light of the fact that for months, that’s about the only thing the British media was talking about besides Corona-chan.