Four Tuesday titles

Bounding Into Comics reliably reports that Arktoons is already a success:

According to Vox Day, the digital platform has been a success already.

In an email correspondence with Bounding Into Comics, Day touted that the Arktoons platform “is already averaging over 20k daily pageviews and expects to easily exceed 1 million pageviews in its first month of operation.”

As for the four new titles released today they include The Awakener, Chuck Dixon’s Avalon, Ben Garrison, and Ember War.

In seven days, Arkhaven and its allies have released 31 episodes of 30 different series. This is roughly the equivalent of more than six individual comics issues, or an omnibus of over 150 pages. All of these series will be continuing on a weekly basis, and we already have several new series being prepared for release this month.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be adding features and gradually improving the site. For example, just this morning, the devs added the ability to like a comic at the bottom of the page, once you’ve finished reading it. There are literally dozens of large and small features planned, as well as various improvements to the infrastructure. If you want to support Arktoons, you can do so by subscribing.

Now I, for one, would like to denounce and deplore the anti-democratic violence exhibited in the new Arktoons series called THE AWAKENER. I feel very strongly that if the gentleman in question disagreed with the policies and voting records of Deputy Gama and Senators Borges and Azalin, then he should have vooted harder and written a stern letter to his duly-elected representative instead of resorting to the use of what was almost certainly an illegal and unregistered firearm.

Thank you. Please clap.