Arktoons: 4 Sunday titles

Bounding Into Comics has the exclusive story:

Arkhaven Comics publisher and Lead Editor Vox Day announced four more series for the newly released digital comic platform, Arktoons.

Arktoons is a free-to-view digital comics platform that releases new episodes of comics every single day of the week. The platform is stylistically similar to Webtoons, where comics are read in a top down format.

It was launched this past Wednesday, and is already seeing success. Vox Day tells Bounding Into Comics, “We’re seeing some incredible engagement statistics on the site.”

He added, “Average session durations have climbed steadily from an average 5 minutes 48 seconds on launch day to 6 minutes 32 seconds. This shows that people are not only reading the new comics at Arktoons, but enjoying them.”

The four new series released on Sunday include Chicago Typewriter, AI Wars, Bovodar & The Bears, and Swan Knight Saga. They bring the total number of series on the platform up to 22.

In other comics-related news, Marvel continues to celebrate its converged death spiral, as the Devil Mouse’s main movie guy explains that it is a priority for Marvel to racewash and genderswap familiar characters.
Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige recently addressed why the upcoming Eternals movie decided to race and gender swap most of the characters from their origins in the comics.
A majority of The Eternals characters have been race and gender swapped. The only characters that look similar to their comic book iterations are Ikaris, Thena, and Phastos.
They changed Makkari to a black, female, deaf character. Kingo now appears Indian instead of appearing to be Japanese. Ajak is Hispanic, Lebanese, and female. Gilgamesh is now Asian, and Sprite is now female and a young girl….
If it wasn’t clear that this film might be the wokest of all of Marvel’s films so far, Feige pretty much confirmed it. He made it very clear they set out to race and gender swap the majority of the cast before they had even began searching for a director!
Not only that, but it shows where Marvel Studios and Feige’s priorities are. He clearly states the reason for the film being moved to the top of their list of films to make is purely because they could swap the characters’ races, genders, and sexualities.

No wonder they’re unhappy with the Arktoons initiative. Because they know what is likely to happen if they are wrong… and a growing mountain of evidence suggests they’re wrong.