We’re number 8

Not bad, considering that unlike its traffic peers, this is just a blog that doesn’t even purport to be any sort of magazine or corporate endeavor. I’m a little surprised there are more visits here than to The Unz Review, given the higher pageviews there, but Ron features deeper and more varied content, so I suppose that makes sense. Anyhow, Ron is right to observe that while the converged social media companies can take a bite out of our traffic, they can’t stop the greater part of the signal.

PublicationTotal PagesTotal VisitsTotal HoursBounce{3549d4179a0cbfd35266a886b325f66920645bb4445f165578a9e086cbc22d08}Tm/VPgs/V
The Daily Caller15,464,4007,890,000339,708612:351.96
National Review14,721,0007,010,000286,242632:272.10
The Intercept7,107,9005,510,000107,139821:101.29
Reason Magazine5,553,3003,210,000100,758721:531.73
Foreign Policy5,080,9003,410,00068,200761:121.49
The Unz Review4,857,4001,490,000115,889484:403.26
Vox Day4,306,5001,650,00097,167573:322.61
The Nation3,440,2002,060,00038,339691:071.67