Words on paper

The Not-President signed some not-laws today to try to disarm Americans:

DETAILS: Biden’s new GUN CONTROL measures

President Biden has called gun violence an “epidemic” and “an international embarrassment.” – he also pledged to end immunity for gun manufacturers as part of initial actions to recent mass shootings

He fired off several anti-gun executive orders during a briefing at the WH – including a directive on controversial “red flag” laws:

• Direct the Justice Department to propose a rule within 30 days to help stop the proliferation of ghost guns – firearms assembled from kits that often lack serial numbers and are difficult to trace

• Direct the DOJ to craft a rule within 60 days that clarifies the point at which a stabilizing arm brace effectively turns a pistol into a short-barreled rifle, subjecting that firearm to additional regulations

Other initiatives included asking the DOJ to issue a report on gun trafficking and directing several agencies to allocate more money for violence intervention programs.

Biden stated the actions he’s taking don’t impinge on the second amendment.

The fact is that the “gun violence epidemic” in the USA is nothing more than a “black male violence epidemic”. Run the numbers yourself. Statistical analysis will show you that the white gun violence rate is virtually identical to the Dutch gun violence rate.

It’s informative to observe that people who claim to be so determined to stop gun violence never dare to let themselves think about the causal factor.