Women’s sports are parasites

 It’s not just crazy for feminists to insist on equal pay for women’s sports, it’s literally ruinous

The NCAA Division I men’s basketball championship budget for the 2018-19 season was $28 million — almost twice as much as the women’s budget.

Information provided by the NCAA to ESPN on Friday shows the men’s tournament brought in a total net income of $864.6 million that season, while the women’s event lost $2.8 million — the largest loss of any NCAA championship.

The men’s tournament budget for the 2018-19 season was $28 million, while the women’s was $14.5 million.

The demand for equality is why literally hundreds of men’s college teams have been eliminated. It also demonstrates why catering to it is going to destroy any organization or institution that does, including the universities and militaries.

The point is not that women can’t produce work of superlative quality that sells very well. Castalia Library’s newest book, written by a woman about a little girl, looks as if it is going to be out of stock faster than we’d anticipated. But if we were to insist that half our books be written by female authors, more than a few of our subscribers would rightly stop subscribing due to our failure to respect their demand.