Mailvox: embracing the conflict

Those who were previously just bystanders are beginning to find it invigorating:

I used to just listen to people talking about what’s happening, but once you said “conflict is in the air we breath,” as well as once I heard Owen talk about crushing, creating…I just started focusing on building a community vs fear-porn watching and being paralyzed by the temptations from Satan and the material world.  Now I’ve got more friends than I have ever had before, who have homesteads, growing food, and truly care about the future of our community. Going from sterile sodomite land to where I’m at now… it’s awesome.

Get in the game. It’s the only way to make it to the next level. Start small, by leaving a review of a book on Amazon or buying an ebook from an author you haven’t read before. Later, perhaps you’ll start subscribing to UATV or starting a garden or getting on SG. Before long, you’ll be backing new projects, learning about the law, collecting leatherbound tomes for your future grandchildren, and making a material impact on the world around you. 

One step. One breath. One dive into the waters of conflict. That’s all it takes to begin the transformation. That’s all it takes to belatedly discover that you weren’t created to be a penguin waddling about the sterile ice in squawking confusion, you were created to be a killer whale, roving the seas as part of a fearsome pack.