Running cover for rapists

It’s informative, is it not, that the sports media will openly admit that they’d rather defend a black SJW who sexually assaults women than a white man with right-wing views:

The Deshaun Watson that we thought we knew probably does not exist. We all need to commit to that reality and act accordingly. This includes the media, which has largely (though not entirely) tiptoed around the allegations. I suspect it is in part because Watson has spoken up about social justice issues, and he has fought to get away from a dysfunctional franchise, two causes that have endeared him to many in sports media. I don’t think people are giving him a pass for the assault allegations, but if you think most people in the media will go after him as hard and fast as we would go after, say, Curt Schilling, if he faced these kinds of allegations, you are fooling yourself.

At least this one journalist is admitting the obvious. Give him credit for that, anyhow. The SSH angle of this case is particularly interesting, as it indicates that Watson will almost certainly be a failure as a team leader. Many will see Watson as a predator, but I see him more as a psychologically broken and pitiable creature, a rare Gamma in Alpha clothing.

Not that it excuses any criminal activity, only that it suggests his NFL failure was always all but inevitable even if the whole thing were to go away tomorrow.