Texas gunfight

This is an educational account of a genuine gun fight in Texas.

There had been numerous death threats issued about the event.  A competent security plan had been created. Greg says he was put at the back entrance because it was viewed as the “easy job”. He joked the idea was to “give the old guy the easy job”.  He had a list of the people authorized to use the entrance, and codes they were required to know in order to use it.  It was a shortlist.

Pam Geller and Gert Wilder had been passed through. A snafu with a caterer had been cleared up.  Gert Wilder and his security team had left.

Just before 7 p.m. in the evening, Greg went to the restroom. A pair of roving armed security took his place. He took his duty car. He returned to his post. The roving team left.

About five minutes after he returned, a small black car pulls up, and stops, abruptly, facing away from the entrance.

Greg’s hair starts standing up on the back of his neck. His “police sense” starts going off. Something is not “right”. The car has out-of-state plates, from Arizona. Immediately, both doors to the car open at the same time.

As the passenger exits, Greg sees the muzzle of a rifle moving in a sweeping motion. Elton Simpson, the passenger, has an AK-47 semi-automatic clone and brings it into play. As Greg sees the rifle moving, the synapses click, the trained and practiced instincts kick in.

This is real. He needs to engage. Now! The attackers are 35 feet away. There is no cover.

Gregory Stevens draws his Glock 21 .45 from his retention holster. Elton Simpson brings up the AK clone. The shots exchanged are so close as to be simultaneous. Greg cannot determine who shot first. All three combatants are wearing soft body armor.

Simpson misses. One of the 230 grain Gold Dot hollow points Greg is launching from the Glock, probably the first, smashes Simpson’s femur. More rounds follow as Simpson falls.  He goes down, dropping the rifle.

The driver,  Nadir Soofi, is firing at Greg with a semi-automatic rifle. The rifle is equipped with a 100 round magazine. The rifle was either a detachable magazine-fed SKS or an AK clone. (The terrorists had three rifles with them) Greg shifts his aim to Soofi. He fires several rounds from his Glock. Soofi goes down, dropping the rifle.

During the firing, Greg has taken a step or two closer, utilizing a flash sight picture, and advancing on the terrorists.

Greg directs his attention back to Simpson.  Simpson is still moving, still a threat. Greg fires more rounds. Simpson goes down again.  Greg directs his attention back to Soofi, who is attempting to get up. Greg fires the last of the rounds in the Glock. Soofi goes down, hard. Greg does a tactical reload, very fast.

Greg has fired 14 rounds of 230 grain Speer Gold Dot ammunition from his Glock. Simpson and Sufi have fired about 35 rounds of 7.62 x 39.  Those rounds were easily capable of penetrating Greg Stevens’ soft body armor.

The entire action took 10 seconds or less.

However, for the punchline, read the whole thing there. It makes it very clear that virtually nothing is as it seems anymore.