This is why the Library exists

If you still don’t understand the importance of Castalia Library and the Castalia Junior Classics, this announcement of converged fairy tales should help you grasp the concept:

Thor: Love And Thunder actor Natalie Portman recently revealed that she’s taken it upon herself to rewrite classic fairytales because they mainly feature male protagonists; publishing a book that features gender-neutral characters instead.

According to Hello! magazine, as reported by Breitbart, Portman decided to rewrite some of these classic fairytales because they “did not reflect the world” in her book titled Natalie Portman’s Fables.

Portman explained, “I found myself changing the pronouns in many of their books because so many of them had overwhelmingly male characters, disproportionate to reality.”

“Boys need to see that women have a multitude of opportunities open to them, to consider what they think and feel, and how they experience the world,” the Star Wars actor continued.

James Halliwell-Phillips’ “The Three Little Pigs,” as well as Aesop’s “The Tortoise and the Hare,” and “The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse” are the classic fairytales that Natalie Portman deemed necessary to give a breath of fresh 21st century air.

Knowledge converged is knowledge destroyed. What they’re doing is actually worse than merely burning the books. They are seeking to replace them with subversive versions so that no one will even know that they’ve been destroyed.