Should have made the trade

Before Texans QB Watson became severely damaged goods:

Tony Buzbee says he now represents 12 women who will have claims against Deshaun Watson. “We are now representing 12 women and we will file five more cases in due course,” Buzbee said Friday. “we have spoken to more than 10 additional women.”

Other information learned during Buzbee’s Friday press conference:

7 African Americans / 2 Hispanic / 3 Caucasian

3 married / 1 engaged / all others single mothers

One was referred to Deshaun by Texans

Quincy Avery (HOU QB coach) referred Deshaun to one of his clients

Agent/lawyer for Deshaun showed “dismissive behavior and incredible arrogance,” so had to go public with lawsuits

Buzbee said he doesn’t need the fame & the women don’t want it

Buzbee adds that the Houston Police Department is now looking into the allegations that are being made

An incident happened as recently as THIS month — AFTER they had been in contact with Watson’s camp

Took shots at “Arm Chair Quarterbacks” who wouldn’t say stuff to his face

Buzbee stopped counting after the 10th death threat

Buzbee says he lives near McNair family, but wouldn’t know them if he saw them

As promised, trial lawyer Tony Buzbee filed more sexual assault lawsuits in Harris County, Texas on behalf of Jane Does who claim Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson engaged in inappropriate behavior during massage therapy sessions. Lawsuits No. 4-7 were filed on Thursday and follow a similar pattern as the first three lawsuits brought against Watson, who has remained silent on the matter since releasing a statement on Tuesday claiming he’s done nothing wrong.

We’ll see. But in answer to everyone who says “well, why didn’t they go to the police?” the answer is simple. The police never do anything about credible accusations like these when sufficiently rich or famous people are involved unless they’ve been ordered to do so. So no one bothers going to them.

Notice that the police are suddenly getting involved now….