Mailvox: the HoloJoe isn’t real

It was interesting to read this in my inbox not long after concluding last night’s Darkstream devoted to President Greenscreen:

People are saying that there is something wrong with the latest Biden presser outside the White House. They draw attention to the white fluffy microphone, but I think there is a much more damning bit of evidence that may fall through the cracks – which is why I’m writing this e-mail.
Long story short, check out the recent video where Biden’s hand obscures the boom microphone and look at the leftmost black mic on the left screen. Compare it with the video on the right side of the screen. Since the video loops back and forth, it’s easy to see that they’ve made a major mistake. They have confused the two black mics.
In the video on the left, Biden’s hand is to the right of that black mic. In the video on the right, Biden’s hand is to the left of that black mic.
If the images were consistent, Biden’s hand would be obscured by that black mic in the video on the right. Instead, he is the one obscuring it with his hand.
That’s because they screwed up and focused on the wrong black mic. It’s not surprising since it’s hard to spot this inconsistency without repeated watching and looping of the footage. Notice the sudden jerky movement of one of the black mics in the video on the left that confirms which black mic is which.
The HoloJoe isn’t real.

It’s genuinely hard to find competent help these days. Even, apparently, for the Deep State.