Castalia Library goes big

People have been asking when the second volume of Plutarch would be available as a one-off for non-subscribers. Both Library and Libraria editions are now available. Pictured below is the stunning Libraria edition.

The Plutarch volumes are massive and VERY expensive to ship, especially internationally. It’s taking the bindery a while to pack them, since both volumes are shipping together, but they’re working on them now and they have implemented a new tracking system that should make life considerably easier on those who are still waiting for their books to arrive. So, if you are still waiting on your books like me, just be patient. They are aware of the issue and it is being resolved.
Now, here is the intriguing thing about our delivery challenges. It struck me as very, very odd that a company that has been in the business for decades would be having so many difficulties with the international shipping, even in the Age of Covid, so I had a long conversation with one of the executives at the bindery. One particularly interesting thing I learned is that this is all entirely new to them….
In other words, the market is 2-3 times bigger than I had estimated, and we are already the market leaders on the international front. So this is all very good news from a strategic perspective. And in other good news, we have worked out an arrangement with a Big Four publisher that will permit Castalia Library to produce a set of a very important author’s works that every reader of this blog will instantly recognize. At least one of the books will be part of the subscription. So, if you haven’t subscribed yet, this is most certainly the time to do so!
Also, instead of waiting until all of the Junior Classics are published in hardcover, we plan to do the first five or six in leather this year for reasons related to production efficiency. If you’re still waiting for your hardcovers, or your hardcovers were damaged in shipment, we’ve forwarded your information to the printer and they have assured us they will be taking care of the problems soon. And please note before you comment that this blog is not tech support and I do not even live on the same continent where the books are printed, bound, and shipped.