Curfew or sharia

Either way, the UK is committing societal suicide after permitting its own mass invasion, which began in 1948:

Will UK implement 6pm curfew for men?

As yet there are no set in stone plans to implement a curfew of any form.

However, there have been calls for steps to be taken to protect women following the tragic disappearance of Sarah Everard.

Today Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford has said a curfew on men “wouldn’t be on the top of the list” of measures the Welsh Government would consider as it would be only a “temporary intervention”.

Mr Drakeford told BBC Breakfast: “If there were a crisis, and you needed to take dramatic action that allowed that crisis to be drawn down, then, of course, you’d be prepared to consider all measures that would make a difference. But the sort of measure, the curfew measure that you describe, it could only ever be a temporary answer and therefore it’s not at the top of our list. There are other things that we can do and should do and we’ll work hard with our third sector organisations, our local authorities in Wales. People need to be safe and to feel safe, and that’s absolutely the sort of society we wish to create here in Wales.”

Men have since been asking on social media how they can help women feel safe, with a number of actions shared by women.

These include

  • Crossing to the other side of the road instead of walking behind a woman
  • Don’t make comments
  • Keep your distance and if needing to overtake, give space
  • Walk your female friends home
  • Don’t stare
  • Where possible, remove your face mask
  • Don’t stand by when inappropriate behaviour or comments are taking place.

Perhaps they might also consider passing laws that make rape and murder illegal? Notice that they don’t even consider doing the two things that would actually protect English and Welsh women, which is to repatriate all of the foreigners and issue cute pink .22 revolvers to every woman over the age of fifteen.