Patreon community standards

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that this woman’s account on Patreon is still active. In fact, she’s currently the #4 creator on Patreon, which despite its thought-policing has become little more than a factory of degeneracy and filth:

Yagami Yato is a voice artist who produces voiceovers for animation videos, usually from anime. Her popular YouTube Channel has over 800,000 followers. Some of her work is considered to be NSFW (not safe for work), which has led to the recent controversy around accusations she has been promoting obscene material to children.

Her Patreon account is for more explicitly adult work, whereas her YouTube Channel is meant for material appropriate for all ages. 

Fuel was added to the fire a few days ago when an anonymous Twitter account referring to themselves as Yagami Yato Confessions claimed that Yato had groomed them when they joined her Discord server as a teenager in high school. They claimed that Yato used many minors as her moderators.

The account alleged that Yagami had used sexually explicit comments around them and had made light of their warnings to her that she shouldn’t market NSFW material to minors. The account also accused Yagami of sending them sexually explicit audios from her Patreon account….

Yagami Yato stated that all her NSFW material will now be locked behind her Patreon account.

It’s telling that Patreon doesn’t consider sexually explicit content sent to minors on its platform to be a violation of their community standards. The next discovery stage is certainly going to be informative, because you know this is far from the only such incident there.