She was always a Jezebel

The most famous Fake Southern Baptist has declared what every genuine Southern Baptist already knew: she is no longer a Southern Baptist:

For nearly three decades, Beth Moore has been the very model of a modern Southern Baptist.

She loves Jesus and the Bible and has dedicated her life to teaching others why they need both of them in their lives. Millions of evangelical Christian women have read her Bible studies and flocked to hear her speak at stadium-style events where Moore delves deeply into biblical passages.

Moore’s outsize influence and role in teaching the Bible have always made some evangelical power brokers uneasy, because of their belief only men should be allowed to preach…. Because of her opposition to Trump and her outspokenness in confronting sexism and nationalism in the evangelical world, Moore has been labeled as “liberal” and “woke” and even as being a heretic for daring to give a message during a Sunday morning church service.

Finally, Moore had had enough. She told Religion News Service in an interview Friday (March 5) that she is “no longer a Southern Baptist.”

Forget Southern Baptist. The woman was clearly never even a Christian. You don’t “love Jesus and the Bible” and then dedicate your life to systematically perverting their teachings. The fact that a woman is talking incessantly about the Bible doesn’t mean that she actually believes a word of it; even the Devil can quote Scripture. 

Both Beth and Russell Moore are textbook evil infiltrators, invading a church and seeking leadership positions in order to subvert and converge it.