Dementia vs economics

 I think we can safely conclude that dementia won.

“The vast majority of economists, left, right, and center, from Wall Street to the private, uh, the private, ah ah ah economic private polling initiatives, the economists as I said, left, right, and center, say in addition to the needs that the people have, we need this to grow the economy. That if we haven’t spent this money and recreated the kind of incentive for people to be able to make a good living, that we’d be in real trouble.”

– Not-President Joe Biden

Also, it’s pretty much only Keynesian economists, of the neo- and post- varieties, that still subscribe to the stimulus concept that observably hasn’t been working at all since the early 1970s. Remember, Keynesian economics do not account for debt as a variable in any way, shape, or form, which is why they are increasingly irrelevant with every passing year.