Trump CPAC speech

I have no interest whatsoever in anything CPAC-related, nor am I particularly interested in what Trump has to say in the wake of his failure to metaphorically cross the Rubicon. What separates the winners of history from the losers is acting at the moment of crisis, and as far as we can tell, President Trump failed to act. While it’s now clear that something is going on behind the scenes in Washington DC, it is equally clear that whoever is calling the shots does not answer to Donald Trump, at least not anymore.

I’m not personally down on Donald Trump. I still think he was the greatest President since Andrew Jackson. I’d be happy to see him run again in 2024 if the election system is going to be secured between now and then. But, based on the imperfect information we presently possess, I think he would have done better to emulate Caesar than Cincinnatus.

Anyhow, feel free to discuss the speech here.