This is what one calls “a failure cascade”

DC Comics is finding itself under increasing pressure from the POX thanks to its SJWs:

Justice League star Ray Fisher launched a fresh volley of tweets against Warner Bros. and DC Films on Saturday following news of a new Superman project with a high-profile Black writer.

Fisher, 33, reiterated his claims that DC Films President Walter Hamada had tried to ‘destroy’ his ‘credibility,’ before implying that the new Superman movie was a ploy to distract fans from his allegations against Justice League’s replacement director Joss Whedon.

‘Do ya’ll remember that time Walter Hamada and @wbpictures tried to destroy a Black man’s credibility, and publicly delegitimize a very serious investigation, with lies in the press?’ the actor began his furious tweet.

‘But hey, Black Superman…,’ he added, suggesting fans’ attention would be diverted by the new project.

On Friday, it was announced that the acclaimed essayist and novelist Ta-Nehisi Coates would be writing a new Superman film, which is rumored to feature a Black Superman.

Coates has been acclaimed for his journalism at The Atlantic, which often focused on the impact of racism on Black Americans, but in recent years he has expanded from non-fiction to writing comic books and publishing his debut novel.

Then when Ta-Nehisi’s script is rejected, or is as more likely, is completely rewritten by the usual suspects, the high-profile Black writer will denounce the racism inherent in the project, and if the film ever gets filmed, it will bomb, which failure will also be denounced as racism.

Given how SJWs have destroyed both Marvel and DC’s comics business, and the Star Wars film franchise, don’t assume they will be unable to take down first DC’s, then Marvel’s film franchises too. And in the case of the latter, Disney overpaying for ten years of a converged and declining NFL is going to hasten the process.