The Shapiro of sports

It’s all about the talent, right? The talent and experience, right? The talent, the experience, and the intelligence, right? It can’t possibly be about ethnipotism, right?

Fans are going to watch NFL games, the NCAA Tournament, the NBA playoffs, etc., no matter who is calling the action. This is true for the NFL draft as well. So with ESPN needing a host for this year’s draft after parting ways with Trey Wingo, the network reportedly has turned to Mike Greenberg.

You’d think the network would want to use someone who has a connection to the NFL or college football, but that isn’t nearly as important as the opportunity for cross-promotion Greenberg provides…. ESPN broke up a successful morning radio show (Mike & Mike) so it could give Greenberg his own morning show (Get Up) and then ended up giving Greenberg his own radio show (Greeny) too.

So it’s not a shock ESPN would go out of its way to give the public even more Mike Greenberg. Now this is the part where I’m supposed to get snarky and say ESPN is giving us more Mike Greenberg even though no one has ever asked for more Mike Greenberg. 

Here is a prediction. The NFL is going to start falling harder and faster in terms of ratings and fan interest, just like the NBA. And no one in the media is going to be able to explain why, because explaining requires undersanding, understanding requires noticing, and noticing is very much discouraged these days.

I guarantee there are a few talented, intelligent individuals with NFL and college football connections who are noticing, though. I suspect the author may be, at the very least, suspicious, given the hilarious dagger at the end.

Personally, I’d prefer someone who is somewhat entertaining….