To guarantee deletion

Post your comment twice. Or three or four times, as some moronic would-be commenters do. In case you  still haven’t figured it out, the comments here are moderated. So, when – not if, when – your comment does not appear right away, that is not an indication that something went wrong somehow and therefore you should repeat your comment.

And frankly, if this concept was ever difficult for you to understand, you probably should not be commenting here anyhow.

Every comment that is posted more than once will be deleted. Repeat offenders will have their comments spammed, which will eventually lead to none of your comments appearing at all. And no, the moderators are not even a little bit interested in the usual excuse of how “the preview didn’t work and my comment didn’t appear, and so I thought that if there is even a slight possibility that readers here might be deprived of my Very Important Opinion, it was imperative that I submit it again.”

Allow me to spell this out for the gammas: never, ever, enter a comment twice more than once. Yes, this means you. Even you. And especially you.

This rule is ontologically applicable. This rule applies regardless of whether you think your comment went through or not. This rule applies under every possible, imaginable, and hypothetical scenario. There is NEVER any excuse for submitting a comment twice. And if a comment is submitted twice, both iterations will be deleted by the moderators.

The amusing thing about this reiteration is the whining protests of the gammas. They know perfectly well that they’ll be the most affected by this.

UPDATE: Apparently this is yet another problem we can blame on Boomers. Two double comments, both Boomers, including one on this very post.