A Royal experiment ends

It wasn’t exactly a surprise that the British Royal Family’s much-ballyhooed experiment in multiracialism didn’t go very well. But did anyone expect a trainwreck of this magnitude?

It is a sad but inevitable consequence of Harry and Meghan’s decision to quit the royal family and live in America as private individuals that they are effectively now out in the cold.

They took a decision that they no longer wanted to commit full time to serve the Queen and monarchy, but felt they still had a role to play.

I am afraid after a year in which the Queen hoped the dust would settle, which left the door open should they change their minds, the Queen, on advice, has decided that the door has to be firmly shut.

Her Majesty’s decision gives clarity to a confusing situation and in my opinion the only course she could take. But there is a cool and hidden anger there too in her statement.

The fact that they releases this statement whilst Prince Philip was recovering in hospital is remarkable too and speaks volumes.

The Palace statement makes the distinction between Crown and Family. The Queen acknowledges that they are loved as members of her family. But that does not hide the fury over their decision give an interview to Oprah that will inevitably open up old wounds.

The interview is clearly the straw that broke the camel’s back. What astonishes me is Harry and Meghan’s frankly rude response.

They seem hell bent on undermining the Queen’s decades of duty and service, and that of the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince of Wales as well as other working royals, with their flippant and petulant remark.

The only real surprise at this point is that Meghan hasn’t been caught having an affair with a studio director or a professional athlete. Because you know it’s going to happen, sooner or later. As sure as Boomers are going to boom and grifters are going to grift, whores are going to whore.