They’ll deny they were ever scared

Clay Travis points out that all the doomsaying Karens terrified of Corona-chan are eventually going to deny they ever even wore a mask:

My hope is that as the immediacy of the COVID “threat” recedes that many people are going to realize how wildly we overreacted as a country and how indefensible it was to, for instance, shut down schools for a year and have the poorest in our country, whose jobs were the most likely to be lost, bear all the brunt of the cost of our ineffective lockdowns.

Already, with the coronabros slowly realizing schools should have never been shut down in the first place, there appears to be a dawning of reality setting in for much of the country. The data isn’t going to change. It’s just going to become more widely understood in the years ahead, and there will be less emotion attached to it as well.

So I think what you’ll see is many people who were ardent coronabros begin to deny they were ever coronabros in the years ahead.

In many ways, that’s akin to Vietnam.

Have you ever met anyone who argued that the Vietnam War was worth fighting? Of course not. Yet back in the days of the Vietnam War, there were many people, including many of the best and brightest “experts” in the country, who argued fighting the war was essential.

Now those people have all repudiated that opinion.

I suspect the same thing will end up being true of anyone who ever advocated for lockdowns in this country. They will just vanish in the years ahead.

This might point towards effective rhetoric. When faced with a mask cultist, take a picture of them. When they ask what you’re doing, point out that you just want a record of how stupid they were for the future. The tide is already beginning to turn.