Torba saw it too

The Mercers tried to kill Gab early too:

Now that John Matze has been ousted by the Mercers, perhaps it’s time to speak a little more freely about Parler.

Was Parler a GOP establishment attempt to subvert the work Gab has been doing for 5+ years and data mine conservatives? Good question!

When Gab first launched let’s just say we were approached by some “hedge fund people” on the right who wanted to invest on one condition: stop talking about certain topics and people, change the branding, and give up control.

Obviously we didn’t take the deal with the devil.

What happened to John Matze is partially why.

The CEO and Founder ousted from his own company. Should never happen, especially not in an early stage startup.

Castalia got one of those super early offers in its second year of existence. Not only were we not at all interested, we couldn’t understand what their interest could possibly be. It makes considerably more sense now. There might be an amusing business there, selling “dangerous” startups to conservative gatekeepers.

Never forget that the love of money is the root of all evil.