By all means, remember

 A commenter at AC erroneously imagines that I’m attempting to sweep my past statements under the rug and hoping people will forget anything that I’ve said:

AC… will [n]ever fully admit he got taken for a ride…

They bought into a cult of personality built around Trump, and no matter how many mistakes or obvious errors in judgement Trump made, they continued to believe in the “plan”.

Right now, Governor DeSantis is hitting Big Tech where it hurts, to the best of his limited ability.

Ask yourself, why didn’t Trump do that, and more, back in 2017?

Because he was trying to draw out his enemies, or some other esoteric excuse for Trump’s bad decision making abilities?

AC is still willing to wait months, maybe years, for the impossible day when Trump retakes the throne and the bad guys all go to jail.

Vox has simply stopped talking about it altogether, as if he wasn’t obsessed with Q for 3 years running. Vox hopes no one will remember any of his former positions in 6 months.

AC still has to decompress and get over the shock of Q’s failure.

Yes, nothing adds up about the current admin, and the inauguration did not follow the standard ritual requirements.

Vox happens to be exceedingly busy with Project Asteroid and annual Castalia royalties and other things. Moreover, nothing is happening right now, and nothing has happened except that President Trump did not make his move prior to January 20, as I had assumed he would.

I haven’t conceded one single damn thing I’ve said about Q or anything else, nor will I anytime soon. And everyone, critics, skeptics, or fans, are more than welcome to quote me on everything I’ve written on this blog or in my books. I don’t have any “former position” on this matter.

I’m simply done talking to morons about it. They can go ahead and buy the mainstream Narrative if they like. I didn’t, I don’t, and I won’t. If you don’t grasp that Joe Biden is no more calling the shots today than you, me, or the dog you see playing in your neighbor’s yard outside, there is absolutely no point in my attempting to shout across the IQ communications gap at you.

Furthermore, as I have repeatedly pointed out for many months now, Q was about morale. Q was not only a resounding success, it was one of the greatest examples of successful marketing since Coke taught the world to sing in perfect harmony. The point of Q was never to be an oracle predicting future events, but to destroy trust in the media Narrative. How anyone can fail to recognize that, I simply do not understand.

Meanwhile, in totally unrelated news, Jeff Bezos just happened to resign from Amazon….