Junior Classics Vols I-III

Volumes I through III of the Junior Classics are now available from the Castalia Direct store. They should soon be available through Amazon, Book Depository, Barnes & Noble, and other bookstores in the next week. These are the larger Royal Octavo editions. The Demy editions were ordered for backers last week, though the printer is still catching up to its post-Christmas printings so no one will have received them yet.

If you are a backer who a) hasn’t received your books yet or b) received the wrong number of books or a damaged or misprinted book, we’re going to be addressing those in the next two weeks. You will get them, but please understand that we do not ship them ourselves so emailing us and asking for shipping information or tracking numbers is totally useless. We are putting together a comprehensive report of the various issues for the printer and they will take care of everyone as they have reliably done for the last five years.